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Sweepstakes always seem to want you to do something.. search a website and find items, enter codes, or even deal with the hassle of collecting and keeping track of items. Here all you do is click your mouse, and press a button for an instant sweepstakes entry!

"It's that simple, you just click a button
and you get a chance to instantly win $10,000!"

This website was designed to make it as easy as possible for you to enter a sweepstakes. We'll show you a button surrounded by ads, and you can click to enter as often as you would like to play!

Everytime you click, check out the ads that load. If any of them interest you and you check out their website, Just Keep Clicking will make the money used to fund your prizes. Just keep clicking and you have a good chance of winning a prize, up to $10,000!

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Ultimately just keep in mind that JustKeepClicking.com was designed to be a streamlined sweepstakes granting you a fast and easy chance to win $10,000.

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Please note that no purchase is necessary to enter this sweepstakes in the US or Canada.
Void where prohibitted by law including residents of New York, Florida or those under 18 in Maine.
International visitors may sign-up and win via shopping but at this time we do not allow them to win by only viewing ads.